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Palm's beta feed is chock-full of goodness -- the excellent BFG Maps is one such example -- and one of the latest finds comes way of a previous PC Brain Trust article where we asked you what your favorite social media applications were. Zipsquare is beautifully styled, dead simple, and fast; the first scene you see after launching the application is a list of nearby venues, that when clicked on, give you a modal drop-down menu allowing you to check-in, ping Facebook and Twitter, and add a customized message.  There's a "+" that resides in the bottom left of the screen that allows you quickly add a venue and a "friends" tab that doesn't offer any functionality just yet.

I wouldn't say that Zipsquare is a  replacement for Zhephree's excellent Foursqare (now at version 1.5) currently available in the App Catalog, as its missing a good deal of features in comparison.  Rather, it's a great companion for when you want to quickly hop in, check in to a venue, and hop out.  Head on after the break to see a video of Zipsquare in action!