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Register Hardware has posted a video that gives a lightning-fast look at the web browser for the Palm Pre. The nice thing about the video is that it’s hands-on, actually working from the internet while you watch, and it doesn’t appear to be edited or altered from real time.

Posted by The Register, a UK-based tech publication with an Internet presence,  the video is one of several of theirs that feature hands-on demos of various aspects of the Pre. All were recorded at CES, the giant electronics trade show where Palm introduced the phone this month.

I've been rather quiet on this whole issue, meaning the Pre. For one thing, it's been hard to find something to say that hasn't been said all over the place. This browser demo and a couple of other videos finally has me convinced. I want one. But wait! I'm happy as you please with my Centro, which is behaving as expected. So, I want - as opposed to need - a Pre. And I don't mind waiting for it to be finished.  Correctly.  In all respects.

I don't want a Pre or anything else that's half-done and buggy, like my Treo 700p was. Moreover, I don't want to have to depend on Palm to fix its software - like the 700p, for which Palm demonstrated pathetic support for its loyal customers.

I want the Pre to work, flawlessly, out of the box, and till it does I'll be perfectly happy to keep my trusty Centro, or even buy another Centro in another color in the unlikely event I ever get tired of flaunting red.

For more drool-inspiring Pre videos, YouTube also offers:

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  • A very interesting, though short promotional video from PuntoCellulare.it, an Italian cellular news website - the video's soundtrack is nonetheless in English.