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According to a WMExperts article, Sprint has just launched its Sprint Premier program in which Sprint says it's "rewarding its most loyal and high-value consumer customers with perks, privileges and discounts that drive higher satisfaction."

Sprint's press release states that the eligibility requirements for Sprint Premier are:

  1. For three consecutive months, consumer customers must be on an individual wireless plan of at least $69.99 per month or spend at least $99.99 per month on a plan that shares minutes,  Or...
  2. They must have been a Sprint wireless customer for at least 10 years.

That sounds pretty simple, huh? And get this;  WebOS Arena points out that one of the perks to being in the Sprint Premier program is being able to get cool phones before others. Hmmm, would the Palm Pre be one of those cool phones that you could get before other people?

Sure looks that way according to one of the perks that Sprint lists:

  • First to Know/First to Buy: Longstanding customers get an exclusive first peek at new products and services such as the upcoming Palm Pre™, and then are among the first with opportunities to purchase when they become available.

So, does that mean that if you qualify as a Premier customer, Sprint is going to send you an email with some exclusive details on the Palm Pre before the Pre is released? "An exclusive first peek... such as the upcoming Palm Pre..." sure makes it sound that way. That would be awesome!

Below are the other benefits Sprint Premier customers will receive:

  • Early Upgrades: After only one year customers can receive our new customer price on a new handset. That's almost a year sooner than other customers. For accounts sharing minutes, the early upgrade applies to the primary line. A new two-year agreement is required.
  • “Just Because” Perks: Spontaneous special offers for trips, tickets to shows and sporting events -- just to say thanks.
  • Accessory Discounts: A once-a-year discount on accessories at participating Sprint stores.
  • Courtesy Plan Check: For customers who haven’t changed their plan in six months, Sprint will notify them for a “Plan Check” to make sure they are getting the most value out of their device.

You can read more about the Sprint Premier program here.

What about you? Are you qualified to be a Premier customer? If so, and you happen to get some first peek juiciness on the Pre, how about sharing with us?  I wonder if Sprint might possibly send out some first peek Palm Pre info to their Sprint Premier customers on say,  hmmm.... I don't know, February 15 seems to come to mind.  That date is still stuck in our minds as something, so who knows?
I see that there is already some discussion going on over in the TreoCentral forums regarding the Sprint Premier progam in this thread.