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  If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to take a gander at the 26-min Palm Pre video that Chris Davies posted at precommunity.com and on YouTube. He claims it is “one of the most complete demonstrations of the Pre that we’ve seen to date, showing app to app transitions without the covert tinkering Palm execs had to do with their pre-production devices at CES last month.”

It definitely reinforced why most of us are dying to get our hands on a Pre. The interface is hot. The way you navigate is hot. The way you can multi-task using “cards” is hot. Universal search is hot. Synergy is way hot. You get the point. This video may be preaching to the choir. But if Palm investors take the time to view it, they would definitely be pleased (and perhaps a bit relieved).

Note: I substituted hot for the word most often repeated in 26 minutes – beauty (and its companion phrase, “beautiful part”).

My colleague Jason weighed in on the new things he saw:

  • When a calendar event notification pops up, you're given the option to contact all the attendees via email
  • Confirms the earlier speculation PreCentral had on the "Add to Launcher..." browser menu item.

He also noted that they still don't explain what the "browser_page.png" file is that is part the “Sharing a Link” email.  It seemed to me that webOS somehow has the capability of making a thumbnail of the screen the URL points to, so the recipient of your message has a visual reference.

So yeah… the video is like an extended trailer for an amazing must see movie. Now if we could only move off the “Coming Soon” screen to an actual date, we all could at least start a countdown or something.