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A few months back we told you about a new FCC filing for a Touchstone charger that sported Bluetooth for audio-out. Today, it’s on eBay, with a new bracket-like shape and 3.5mm audio-out port on the back. It's part of a packaged deal with a rare black Verizon HP Pre3, a pair of Pre3 batteries, international charger, and extra headphones. It’s quite the package of rarities, and the seller is asking $700 for the privilege.

While the main spread photo and description show a black Pre3, the rest of the photos show something different – a white Pre3, heretofore unannounced, but something we mused about way back in May after the white HP Veer came out. Since then we’ve also seen the white TouchPad, so why not a white Pre3, right? We contacted the seller and confirmed that the white Pre3 is not part of the auction (the black Verizon Pre3 is a sealed box item), though we’ve got to admit we’d love to have our hands on one. And the audio Touchstone too, for that matter. More photos after the break.