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If you're still looking out for an amazing deal on a HP Veer (as if the $49.99 without contract wasn't sweet enough for you), then Amazon has made it even more enticing to purchase a white one (if you're into contracts). How so? They're offering it for just one penny (that's $0.01) with free shipping. The black version is still coming in at $49.99 on Amazon.

Typically, a price drop like this is a sign that the phone isn't selling well, but even then it usually doesn’t come for months. So it's hard to read anything into this, except that perhaps Amazon, AT&T, and/or HP are feeling particularly generous. The key to the success of HP's webOS plan is adoption, which requires getting product in customers' hands. It's much easier to do that when the product is offered for ridiculously cheap.

Something else is ridiculously cheap again today: the historically occasionally cheap Verizon Pixi Plus. The original tiny webOS phone is back on DailySteals, with an off-contract price of just $39.99. The deal is good through midnight tonight, so if you're looking for a device for baseline Mojo replacement, development, or just a really fancy paperweight, here's your chance.