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If you were wondering how a $99.99 AT&T HP Veer 4G would be able to compete with a $49 iPhone 3GS, the folks at Best Buy have the answer: free. That’s right, America’s top reseller of cellular phones is going to be offering a very special deal for the AT&T Veer: free with a two-year contract.

If you’re all pumped up for a Veer, Best Buy will even let you place a pre-order, though you'll have to go to the store and it will cost you $50 up front (to be refunded as a $50 Best Buy gift card). Best Buy will only have the white Veer to sell both in stores and online. According to Best Buy documents, only the white version of the Veer will be available in AT&T’s brick-and-mortar stores, while both black and white will be available online. We’re just a few days away from the Veer launch, and a free full-fledged miniature smartphone is a very tempting offer. Are any of you planning on becoming takers on the 15th?

Thanks to anonymous and anonymous for the tips!