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Right now Nokia is hosting all sorts of bloggers and media at Nokia World, showing off their latest wares - check out Matt Miller's coverage at our sister-site Nokia Experts.

Nokia is widely thought (at least to people statesite) to be in dire need of a complete reboot and many expect Meego, their linux-based operating system, to be the new high-end. We've even seen some webOS-esque elements to Meego.

Looks like that in addition to a brand new CEO, Nokia is bringing somebody on with plenty of experience rebooting a smartphone company with a new linux Operating System: longtime Palm designer Peter Skillman. We felt the sting when Skillman left Palm, and now as the VP Meego Ux and Services at Nokia, we expect him to bring some much needed elegance (dare we say sanity) to the Nokia user experience. Game on, everybody.

Source: LinkedIn; via Engadget; Thanks Charles!