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  Palm Employees go to Nokia

We've covered the many people who have left Palm in the wake of the HP buyout, but it turns out that there are plenty more to speak of - many of whom have landed at Nokia. In addition to the already-mentioned Peter Skillman, we learn from a PreCentral forum post that Nokia has snapped up some pretty great people from Palm:

  • Matt Crowley, former Director of Product Management, Phone at Palm (who you may have seen discuss the meaning behind the name "Pre"), now current Director of Product Management at Nokia
  • Karl Townsend, former Principal Architect (focusing on electrical hardware) at Palm and a founding Handspring employee, now a Distinguished Hardware Architect at Nokia
  • Phil McClendon, former  Director, Smartphone Product Management at Palm (among other roles - see him talk about Pixi here), now Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nokia Messaging at Nokia.
  • Radhika Sarang, former Senior Product Manager at Palm, now Senior Product Marketing Manager at Nokia
  • Although he hasn't been in the Palm fold for some time, we'll note that Rob Haitani, former director of Product Marketing at Handspring (see him discuss the Treo from way back in 2004) and a Product Design Architect at Palm until 2007, is now a Distinguished UI/UX Architect at Nokia.

That's a lot of the Palm brain trust working at Nokia on, as we said, a very similar project: helping a company reinvigorate a linux-based smartphone OS for the 21st century. Now to see if Nokia can get their game back in the US market, eh?

Source: PreCentral Forums, LinkedIn; Thanks HelloNNNewman!