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webOS tablet size?

We here in Republic of webOS are looking with envy at our frienemies in Applestan and Androidia. It’s not their operating systems that are the object of our desire, though there are some features we’d like to copy. No, it’s the tablets that have drawn our eye. While Applestans may only have the iPad to play with, that certainly hasn’t stopped the 10-inch tablet from being a success.

Meanwhile, Androidians have to cope with a new tablet a week, from the 5-inch Dell Streak to the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab to the just-announced ten inches of Toshiba Folio 100 (really, guys, Folio?). All this tablety fun has us longing for our own big screen webOS action here in the Republic, and thankfully HP has at least let us know that we can expect to see that mythical webOS tablet early in 2011.

Next year is still a ways off and while we’re sure it’ll be here before we know it, there’s still the question of how will the PalmPad/Hurricane/whatever look when it arrives. So we are asking you, of citizens of the Republic of webOS: what size screen do you want on your webOS tablet?