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When Palm first introduced the Touchstone Palm Pre charger, they said that it was only the first in a line of Touchstone-branded accessories. Thus far, we haven't seen it. It's only been a few months, though, so we can't exactly fault Palm for that - but we can dream.

Even a quick perusal of our Palm Palm Accessories forum makes it very clear what everybody's number one desire for the next Touchstone accessory is: a reliable car charging solution. Here's a thread with lots of very cool installations of the Touchstone in cars and as inspirational as it all is*, the Touchstone is just too difficult to get working reliably in all cars due to some difficulties with the power consumption. There have been positively incredible investigations into the issue (see here, here, herehere, and here), but the best solution has to be one directly from Palm.

A Touchstone-based car charger is a no-brainer, though, so let's get creative. I know I'm rabidly jealous of the Case-Mate Fuel Case for the iPhone and Blackberrys - a holster with a built-in battery to top off the phone between uses would be grand.

What other Touchstone accessories would you like to see?

* Because I know people will ask: The above my setup with a Mazda 3. The charger is the stock Palm Vehicle Charger plugged into the center console, using the 5ft Palm micro-USB Cable wired through the dash. The Touchstone is simply affixed with double-stick tape. With this setup I get only the occasional on/off charging ding (i.e when I turn on my headlights), which gets worse when the car is hot.

Also, note that the Palm Pre works great with the Pioneer Avic-D3 car stereo for calls, but Bluetooth Stereo is an utter fail - you get nothing but silence even though the AVRCP Next/Play/Pause buttons work. If you have a Car Stereo that supports bluetooth of any kind and are experiencing issues, please post them in this Palm support thread where Palm is collecting data for future fixes.