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What features do you Open webOS to

This month is supposed to finally bring the release of Open webOS 1.0. And while you won't be able to install it on pretty much anything, let alone your current webOS devices (at least out of the virtual box), that doesn't mean we aren't at least a little bit interested in what Open webOS will bring to the table. We're afraid that it's just going to be an open source version of webOS 3.0 with some updated back-end bits, but we'd love to be proven wrong.

We're sure you'd love for us to be proven wrong too, and honestly we're interested in how you want us to be proven wrong. At this point, webOS 3.0 is over a year old, and even at that time it was lacking in some feature areas. Sure, all of the big features were covered, but there were a bunch of small holes in need of filling. Since then those holes have grown substantially as competing operating systems have surged ahead on the features count.

So, webOS Nation, what do you want in Open webOS?