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When the Pre Plus was announced during Palm's CES presentation (you were reading our live coverage of the event, right?), a few key enhancements were detailed, namely the doubling of the Flash memory 16GB and the addition of  "twice the internal memory".  An educated guess on how much RAM the Pre Plus will sport  led us to the 512MB number, and it has now been confirmed: the Plus version will indeed have an impressive 512MB of RAM when it launches on Verizon on the 25th,  as evidenced by the somewhat difficult to read screenshot above supplied by sirbowen1982 in the forums

We know that 512MB of RAM will allow the Pre Plus to launch more cards and we expect it'll help the occasional PDK app - but unless we're wildly off the extra RAM shouldn't speed things up as a whole. That should help ease the pain for Sprint customers. Future Verizon customers, however, we're curious: how excited are you about that extra 256?