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Welcome to the all new PreCentral.net, your #1 Source For All Things Palm Pre!

We are the newest member of the Smartphone Experts family of sites and as you may expect, we are going to be closely tied to our sister site TreoCentral.com in covering the latest Palm news, Reviews of Pre Accessories and Software, and of course, the best Palm Pre forums around. 

Over the course of the coming month's well be all over the impending launch of the Palm Pre and during that time you'll see us change our look entirely as we integrate more tightly with TreoCentral.  However there's plenty you can do at PreCentral right now.  First up -- you can comment directly on our articles and if you like, you can log in with your TreoCentral forum account to get your name up next to your comment.  You can also (please!) tip us on news, send us suggestions, or just say hello with our contact form.

In the meantime, we're in the course of answering your Palm Pre questions for you in our four-part series.  Stay tuned for much, much more Pre coverage at PreCentral.net!