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Ready for new devices? We're getting a lot closer, and this past week has been a reflection of the excitement that's going to start coming as the Summer presses on with more releases. With the HP Veer 4G being made available tomorrow on AT&T, we've got a whole lot to talk about this week, and the community has stepped forward with a lot of their own excitement to get ready for what is coming next. 

Jump after the break for stories from around the web, videos from youtube and conversations on Twitter. If you have other stories you would like to share in next week's edition of the webOS Weekly, send us an email at tim@precentral.net, and we'll add it in.

Latest News

  • The HP Veer 4G has arrived in the hands of reviewers everywhere, including those of our own Derek Kessler, and he has given us a full review of the tiny device this last week. With the Veer being released tomorrow (the 15th) on AT&T's website, read through the review and decide for yourself whether you'll be getting one or waiting for the Pre 3 later this year.
  • Not only will the Veer 4G be on sale through AT&T for  $99 (with a 2-year contract), but Best Buy Mobile is also planning on selling the device... well, giving it away, actually. Get a new contract through the largest reseller of smartphones, and get a White HP Veer 4G on AT&T with no purchase price.
  • The Pre 3 isn't as close to being released as the Veer, but there are pictures of it cropping up showing it live and active in the wild already. 
  • Google Docs Web Editing has been a bit behind for webOS users, but it has finally arrived for us and we are better people for it. Now we just need the other Google Mobile products to be updated for us.
  • A new VP of webOS and Carrier Markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Jukka Tiitu, has been brought over from Nokia, and we are looking forward to what how he will use HP's scale to enhance webOS devices in those regions. Nokia has huge market-share in those regions, and it's at least partially thanks to the work that Tiitu has done with the company in the past. Hopefully he'll bring that same success to our beloved platform.
  • One of the more popular, and generally useful homebrew applications, Mode Switcher, has been updated to work more fluidly with all webOS 2.x devices. It also has a rewritten core to make automatic relaunching happen without an additional patch, and brings in features from 2.0 to make it more compatible with future devices.

From the Blogs

  • We've told you about the new WhitePages Application for webOS with homebrew attachments, and have also working on a review to show you exactly how the app works. But if you're a developer, you're probably wondering about the guts and how you can hook your own app into the database. James Harris, the developer of WhitePages for webOS, shares some of the dev process and tells devs how to pull data from his app on his blog.
  • Know a geek that doesn't know much about webOS or needs some convincing to come check out what the platform has to offer? The Palm Developer Blog has given us a fun little list of "10 Reasons for Geeks to Love webOS." From the familiar development languages to a homebrew shout-out and more, we'd be interested in seeing what other reasons people can use to "sell" webOS to the developers out there.
  • Speaking of convincing geeks to try out webOS, Dave from KiwiLuv was once a webOS fan, but eventually fell away and has lost touch with the world of Palm devices. Until recently, that is. With the announcement of the Veer 4G being released on the 15th of May, Dave is once again watching the platform to see where it is going, and gives us a statement that is unique among the world of smartphone geeks; "The Veer is just my size."
  • As the app catalog continues to grow and more of the big-name companies bring their mobile apps over to the platform, more web-zines are starting to talk about their favorite apps that are available for webOS. Business Insider does that here, though they seem a bit unsatisfied with the selection of apps currently available, and mentions a few of our favorites as well as a few that aren't so well known. This is more than just another article to list mobile apps for HP smartphones, it's a sign that the market is showing a bit of interest in webOS once again.

Like Videos?

  • If you're like us, you take every bit of talk from HP that you can get to try and figure out where they plan to take webOS over the next several years. HP's CTO of Personal Systems Group, Phil Mckinney, recently interviewed with Forbes to talk about that future and gave us some very interesting thoughts about what could be coming. He mentions augmented reality devices, the next generation of data connectivity speeds and more in this 5 minute video.
  • 8-bit designs and games are becoming more and more popular, as such the 8-bit audio trend is coming along as well. Modo Computer Music Player brings your favorite tunes from classic games and shows right to your webOS powered device. 
  • With a bit of epic background music, this short demo of Time Projection version 1.1 shows some of the new features that are coming with the app. It's got us interested in try the app out ourselves, so be sure to give us your thoughts of it in the comments.

What's up, Twitter!

  • Joshua Topolsky has been one of those celebrity-types that has found his way to talk-shows and around the web to talk about the latest webOS devices quite often. Apparently, he goes to these events so often, that he even dreams about going to webOS Events. Don't worry, Josh, we feel the same way sometimes. Though the diner bit is kinda veerd.
  • Think the "tech-gurus" out there know what they're talking about when reviewing the HP Veer 4G? We like to think that we do, but some users are not feeling that same love elsewhere. As more people move to becoming smartphone users, though, will there be more or fewer people that "get" this small device?
  • Rene Hennig makes his thoughts very clear in this tweet to the HP webOS team. Not really sure what he's thanking them for, but there are a few great things we can point at as guesses.
  • Want an HP Veer 4G RIGHT NOW!?! (Can't wait just one more day?) Well, you can grab one on eBay, somehow, for $625. We aren't entirely sure this is legit (the seller has good reviews) or how they are selling it already, but hey, it's good to see the device showing up on eBay.