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This past week of webOS news has seen us gathered around a crystal ball. The Veer marketing push is churning along, though it's still not here quite yet, and we've seen several glimpses into the future of webOS and HP mobile devices that have piqued our interest. No doubt, there has been a lot of chatter going on this week as well, and the Veer is actually catching on pretty nicely.

Jump after the break to catch up on your news stories for the past week, see conversations on Twitter, watch a few videos and more. Don't forget that you can always send in your own stories to us so that we can add them in next week - just email them to tim@precentral.net.

Latest News

  • In the last week, we've finally started to see what the webOS Developer Blog meant when they said that the Veer would be getting a strong marketing push in the coming weeks. They've started with a full-page ad on the back of the New York Times, and moved on from there to take-over YouTube. Meanwhile, it also looks like they may be in the production-phase of several commercials staring some big-names from Hollywood. What's next on the list of things to do?
  • Taking a look into the future of webOS devices, Phil McKinney has shown off a neat feature in the works that allows users to manage home appliances (lamps, fans, etc..) from a webOS device. But that's only just before Eric Cador claimed the TouchPad would soon be "Better than Number 1" in the market, though we aren't too sure what to make of that. Can't forget that HP Play and webOS Video Conferencing are in the works as well (probably the two most exciting things that are coming with these announcements, if we're honest with ourselves).
  • Developer pricing for the HP Veer has been announced for those of us in the US this last week, as well as the pricing for the Pre 2 in Europe for developers. If you're a developer who has been waiting to get an officially supported webOS 2.x device to play with - now's your chance to take advantage of that discount and start building some more cool apps.

Some videos to watch

  • Remember the webOS CONNECT Paris event that we told you about a few weeks ago? Well, it's only been over for a few days, but scienceapps has been posting a few videos for us to watch and see what exactly was going on there at the big event. You can watch all of them, from a look at the Veer slider to a rundown of how to develop with Enyo, at his channel on YouTube.
  • Are you a former Android user turned webOS fan? Turphed is, and he has given us a short video to explain why he made the switch from his Eris to the Palm Pre Plus on Verizon. One comment that he made that may come as a surprise to many, the webOS App Catalog has a much wider cariety of apps available than in the Android Market. Well ok then! We'll take it!
  • If you want to see what the video quality is like on the AT&T HP Veer 4G, check out this video of cars driving down the street and people walking down the sidewalk. For a tiny device without the latest in camera technology built in, the Veer does record some decent video (without any noticeable lag).

Elsewhere on the web

  • Eric Harr, CEO of Resonate Media, has recently started giving the HP Veer a try to see how it manages against his current iPhone 4. Well, his tweet sums it up very nicely, as he tells us why he thinks the Veer, as tiny as it is, defeats the most popular smartphone from that forbidden fruit (Apple).
  • Geoff Gauchet is working hard on his webOS development projects as usual, and he gives us some dates for when he expects to have a lot of updates to his highly-anticipated applications finished. Plus, he calls out for some help from other developers on his Open Source Foursquare app - anyone want to give him a hang?
  • Just as Eric Harr is giving the Veer a try for the first time, Steven Blackford has no choice but to go straight webOS for the next 30 days with his smartphone after his Defy died. Take it from those of us with experience - it's not that bad.
  • While 30 days with only a webOS smartphone isn't too bad, 60 days with only a webOS smartphone and TouchPad, no computer at all, may be a bit more of a challenge. But that's exactly what Moe is going to be doing very soon, so keep an eye on his blog to see where he takes the project in the future.
  • Jan has been using her Pre 2 for nearly half a year now, and she is proud to announce that it has yet to get a single scratch on the Gorilla Glass touchscreen. Hopefully we'll all be able to say the same about the Veer's screen, which just so happens to be slightly curved.
  • With all of the excitement that has come with the Veer, we do have a bit of sad news. Rod Whitby of WebOS Internals has succeeded in actually bricking a Veer. He has been unable to fix it with a simple webOS doctor, and in fact has run into a few other problems as well. Hop on over to the forums to see what steps are being taken to get around this problem (and others) and to make sure you don't do the same with your own device. 

    To be fair, this is where the webOS community shines the brightest. So let's roll up our sleeves and dive on in to see what we can learn from this problem (and the disassembling process that's taken place afterward). Plus, it's probably a good idea to help Rod get a new device. He has, after all, bricked his only Veer to help the webOS community do more awesome things in the future.