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It's been another great week in the world of webOS devices, and the community has been alive as both new and veteran webOS users start to dig into the core of the TouchPad to uncover some cool treats. Across the internet in blogs, social networks, videos and all of the lines in between have found a lot to talk about in today's webOS Weekly. Click through the break to read stories from around the world about what people are doing with their webOS devices, and let us know in the comments below about other bits of cool info that you'd like to share with our readers.

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  • While some Russian students are being recruited by HP to build webOS apps, the company has decided to head straight into St. Petersburg to show off the latest devices publicly as well. It's today, though, so unless you already knew about it, might be a little too late to get involved.
  • Stephen DeWitt and Jon Rubenstein have been talking to the public a lot lately, and this time they've spent some time interviewing together with the guys at ThisIsMyNext.com. They provide a lot of the same information we've already seen elsewhere, but they also answer a few questions directly that no other interviewers have had the opportunity to ask. 
  • Rothgar is looking for people interested in Southern California to get together sometime for a good old fashioned webOS Meetup. See him on twitter to get the details, and be sure to take pictures when you arrive!
  • Want to know what an HP TouchPad launch party looks like in an HP store? There is one such store in Vancouver, Canada, and they recently had a party to go with the release of the TouchPad in the North American country. Of course, they mostly focus on the features of the TouchPad, but it's still a good video to see.
  • If you're a developer that is interested in building for multiple platforms, you might want to check out haXe NME for webOS, Android, iOS and Windows. On Joshua Granick's website you'll see tutorials on how to get going, a testimonial from webOS developer Zhephree, and a number of comments below from developers who are trying out the codebase. 
  • While many developers are enjoying the benefits of HP's new developer program, our favorite homebrew development team WebOS Internals is poking a bit of fun at HP by reminding us that they have very few apps available in the catalog to take advantage of the system. As wise as the team is, though, they no doubt have a solution in store.
  • Lastly, in a recent From the Forums post we asked you all to welcome Natalie from HP to our forums as a visitor, but we forgot to mention long-standing forum member HardBeatz as well. As an HP employee, HardBeatz has been with us through thick and thin, offering support and feedback to users, reading and logging bugs that we've reported about. So here's a shout-out to HardBeatz, and a thanks for hanging around with us for so long.