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Another week has passed, and a bit more news has found its way through the webOS community ecosystem and into the discussions of those many people that are waiting for more. In fact, more than just a "bit" more news has made its way around, you might almost call this a "moderate level" of news stories that needed to be shared. HP has been busy this week with a few projects, and the community is starting to get some excitement back as released dates come closer and closer. 

Hop on after the break for stories from around the web, social networks, youtube videos and more. If you ever have something you would like to share in a future "webOS weekly", send an email to tim@precentral.net so we can get it up.

Latest News

  • Is the HP Veer, excuse me, HP Veer 4G coming sooner rather than later? If it's true that HP is planning on celebrating the launch in May, and if these photos of marketing vehicles haven't been fabricated, we could easily be seeing the Veer 4G launched within the coming weeks. That can only mean one thing: the Pre 3 and TouchPad are just around the corner as well.
  • Who cares about the marketing vehicles when we have pictures of a device that could be released as soon as next week? PocketNow has apparently gotten some word (and images) from HP that a white Veer 4G running on AT&T will be going on sale as early as next week! What do you say to that?
  • In preparation for users that have multiple devices with access to the same webOS profile, HP has made an update to the Palm Profile Manager website to include some information that might help managing multiple devices easier. 
  • The webOS CONNECT events continue moving forward with new venues being chosen for May in two large cities in Europe: Paris, France and Berlin, Germany. Our North American-based team may not be able to make it to these events, but we know a lot of you will. See the details here.
  • We've been asking for Application Promo Codes for a very long time now, and this last week HP has made them immediately available (and with virtually no warning) to all webOS 2.1 users via a new App Catalog update. If you're running 2.1 and haven't gotten the update yet, you can do so now in the Software Manager app. Otherwise, you'll just have to wait a little longer until the update propogates around to the rest of us.
  • Three FCC filings have us interested in the devices that should be released this Summer, of the TouchPad and Pre 3 variety. First the TouchPad gets filed through with an offering for a WiFi version. Then we get word that the Pre 3 will be launching with webOS 2.3 (where's 2.2?). And finally an HP webOS Bluetooth keyboard gets passed with pictures of a "steamy hot tear-down" that you can check out here.
  • In the app world the big news, again, comes from the WebOS Internals team, which has released a new version of Impostah that will help our global friends get around that Paid App Catalog wall and buy some decent apps for once. Impostah 0.8 is available via Preware, and helps out with some very cool problems that some people have been running into lately.

From the Blogs

  • Christian is a guy that has been familiar with HP and webOS for a long time, and now he is getting ready for a certain challenge familiar to others of us in the community: can he live for 60 full days using only a TouchPad and Pre 3? Obviously, there are some caveats to what he would like to accomplish, and he's hoping for some HP sponsorship out of it all. But hey, maybe he'll get further than that other guy who tried this same thing a year ago.
  • Perhaps it's not webOS news per se, but a recent article published about the Post-PC era is certainly one that is relevant to the tablet computer market that is just getting started (and that the TouchPad is entering). There are a lot of good thoughts in this short interview on asymco, but your voice is needed as well in the comments below.
  • While Ian Beck has just announced a new version of his app TapNote 1.3, as well as TapNote Lite, he makes it clear at the end of his announcement exactly why he's building these applications. It's not necessarily for the money (though that's nice) or building a huge name for himself, but he's found a great amount of joy in making users happy. That's something many webOS developers have probably gotten over the nearly 3 years we've been around. 

Everywhere else on the web

  • ZackTheComedian was recently in a chat with Sprint Customer Care to talk about webOS devices and getting updates on current hardware that is available, and strangley he managed to get a tip out of them (while recording video) about webOS 2.0 coming to Sprint Pre and Pixi devices sometime soon. We can't necessarily get all of our hopes up about this, but it's still something fun to think about.
  • webOS CONNECT London was over nearly a month ago now, but that doesn't mean the videos have all been uploaded yet. Ben Tattersley, the "Teacher of all things webOS" has given a splendid presentation at the event, and his video has now been uploaded for everyone to see.
  • Twitter user @aquitayo has shared a chart with the rest of us worth checking out. We already knew that HP was the Number One computer manufacturing company in the world, but just by how much? This chart should help you figure those details out on your own.
  • When looking at the upcoming Pre 3 and TouchPad, it's easy to get wrapped up in saying how the new devices will compare to the competition. @hpwebosfan has shared some of the details of the Pre 3, as well as how it looks compared to the C40 we used to talk about so often. Could the two be one in the same?
  • HP CEO Leo Apotheker had a great interview recently with the Editor-at-Large of Fortune Magazine, Adam Lashinsky. You can see parts one and two of the interview here, and see what conclusions you might come down to from what Apotheker said about the future of webOS.