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webOS Weekly - August 6th, 2011

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 06 Aug 2011 9:11 pm EDT

We're coming up on the last few weeks of Summer for 2011, and things are shaping up for webOS. The HP TouchPad has remained the star of the news for the last week, but the Pre 3 is starting to get a bit of attention as well. And while the news continues to increase around webOS devices, the community is keeping with its habits of being very active and very vocal, but you'll have to read through the break to see what we mean by that.

If you have stories about cool stuff happening in the world of webOS or just want to share a tip about something we can put in this column next week, send an email to tim@precentral.net so it can be added into the next edition of the webOS Weekly.  

Latest News

  • HP has been giving up a lot of cash this week with TouchPad-related news. Developers affected by a sales reporting error in June first received a small token of appreciation from HP for their hard work, but that was only before they also decided to give new TouchPad buyers an instant $100 savings on the device. Of course, if $100-off wasn't enough, Woot.com listed the TouchPad for a total of $120-off, but that's still nothing compared to the $200-off that many PreCentral readers have been getting through Staples and Office Max. If you're an early-adopter feeling ripped-off by all of the good deals going on this week, have no fear; HP will be sending you a $50 gift card for applications starting next week to keep you happy.
  • Also coming for the TouchPad was a much-needed update to the OS with webOS version 3.0.2, which was released on August 1st. The SDK related to the update has been released publicly for developers to start poking away at the code, which is also a great thing for those of us looking for more apps. Speaking of apps, webOS Pivot for August has been released and dubbed as "The Play Issue"; there is a lot of great stuff to read in there, so be sure to check it out if you haven't already. If you've been wondering what our final thoughts are after spending an entire month with the tablet device, read our RoundTable from today and get a good idea of what the PreCentral team has been thinking.
  • In other news, the Facebook app for webOS smartphones has received a small update to add Exhibition Mode to the list of features. We've learned a bit more information about the Pre 3, which could be arriving in the UK as early as August 31st. That should be good timing for webOS app developers as well, since many of them will be joining in half a dozen developer workshops coming to many more cities around the world.

Around the Web

  • If you're interested in installing webOS 3.0.2 SDK on an Ubuntu Linux machine, things might get just a bit complicated. Luckily we have a webOS developer on YouTube who can give us all some help with his video tutorial on how to get up and running with all of the necessary tools.
  • Picsel Smart Office for the TouchPad can't come fast enough. Since it will be bringing another option for document editing to the device, the community has been excitedly taking in everything they can about the upcoming new app. Including the video run-through that we found below.

  • Joe Sacher has been using his HP TouchPad for a little while now, and his latest review of the Bluetooth Keyboard, an accessory built specifically for webOS 3.0 on the TouchPad, has us asking for more from him. See his comprehensive look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly bits of the HP TouchPad Bluetooth Keyboard. You'll probably end up wanting to get one yourself.
  • While some users are happy to have their hands on just one HP TouchPad, others are enjoying the opportunity to show off the several that they bought. Like Nick Scarsella on Twitter, who apparently bought 3 devices this weekend through the amazing deal at Staples.

  • The San Diego webOS Developer Community is getting ready to meet up this coming August 20th, and they've set their plans for public viewing right on the Plancastic website (which also happens to have a webOS app available). You can learn more about it by going here, or just show up at the Mosaic Wine Bar on Saturday at 3:00 PM, and you'll be all set to join the fun!
  • Do tablets suck? According to TechHarvest, the current available devices definitely do (OH NO!). In a quick video on YouTube he explains the characteristics from each of the three major tablet platforms (webOS, iOS and Android) that he loves, and creates a theoretical dream device that nearly all of us can agree with. As he says (at around 11:50), the perfect tablet wiould have the user interface of webOS. Can't argue there! 
That's all we've got for this week, but there's still a whole lot more out there for you to join in on! Check back here every Saturday for a quick rundown of the past week of both official device and community news, and don't forget to email us if you have a story you'd like to share.