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If there was one carrier that could gauge the passion and emotions that various smartphone users have towards their devices, AT&T is potentially the best. They have the largest number of iPhone users, and quite the selection of other operating systems as well (including the latest release of the HP Veer 4G yesterday). As a follow-up report to their webOS Developer Webcast, AT&T has done a bit of research and supplied us with a report of how various smartphone users feel about their platforms, based on their sentiments (positive or negative feelings) and passion levels (like or love, dislike or hate).

As you can see from the chart above, webOS users are at the very top of that list - highly passionate about how much they like webOS - just confirming once again that the webOS community is one of the best you'll encounter in the tech world. It's that passion that has resulted in a supremely helpful, excited and anticipatory group of phone users. Even higher than Android users, and MUCH higher than those users of iOS or Windows Phone 7 devices (which are teetering on pretty much indifferent).

With the webOS user base currently so small, it makes sense that it is the final passionate few that are holding strong to the hoped-for future. But the results of this report still count for quite a lot, and considering how many different channels were used to gather this information (social networks, blogs, etc...) and the process by which they parsed this data across all of those channels gives us a thought that the future of webOS isn't as bleak as many might say.

Are you one of the passionate few? Or just waiting to see what comes next before getting excited again?