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webOS Apps for Travel

It’s the last day of school and all of the youngster's eyes are glued to clock above the blackboard; waiting for that final cue to be released from their teachers grasp. As they wriggle in their chairs, biting on pencils, and twirl their hair with their fingers an old nursery rhyme slips in their precocious minds: No more school, no more books. No more teachers dirty looks. When the final bell rings for dismissal, you can see the glow of joy in their faces. As the kids emerge behind the large metal swing doors, it’s like rain water bursting through flood gates after a storm. Laughing, running and jumping they pile into the iconic canary yellow bus or to the line of sleek SUVs with moms wearing Chanel sunglasses; sipping on a Jamba Juice fruit smoothie. School is over and summer vacation has begun. Are you ready?

Ready for the munchkins begging to go to Disneyworld or are you ready to relax in secluded mountain lodge, away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Summer travel is a must to unwind from school and work and here at webOS nation we have got you covered with the best travel apps.


Free, by Kayak.com (HP TouchPad)

Kayak HD for TouchPad

Let’s start out with a good plan for your travel plans.You have the budget; you know where you want to go, how about making it as stress free as possible? With Kayak HD, one of the most sought after apps for the TouchPad, you have your own personal travel agent in the palm of your hands. In a few short steps you will be on to your favorite destination leaving a few more greenbacks in your pocket for fun and frivolity.

Just pick what type of flight you want, and search the airport to and from your city. Select your departure and return, and how many passengers will be embarking with you on your journey. Once done you can sort by price, airline, stops and what time your prefer to leave. Under hotels you search under city, dates, and how many guests and rooms you will need. The photographs of the hotels are fantastic and they really let you tour the hotel prior to booking. The information about the hotels is listed including check-in and check-out time, along with a link to the hotel’s main site. Kayak HD on the touchpad really takes advantage of the pane views because you are allowed to see the photos in a larger format. With Kayak HD, which is totally free, you have the power to plan your getaway weeks, even months away. Thus saving you time, money, and bottles of headache medication.

Taxi Magic

Free, by Ride Charge (webOS smartphones and HP TouchPad)

Taxi Magic for the Pre 3

Ok your plans are set in stone. Now you have to pack get everyone in the taxi on time, without any scuffles or missing limbs. With Taxi Magic you can book a taxi up to twelve hours in advance. Simply allow locations services to find you or you can set it manually, put in your city and state (or zip code), enter your pick up information, and you are on your way. Taxi Magic will either send you the nearest taxi in your area, or if they really are busy, they will give you a list of taxis to call with a click of a button. No need to hail a taxi from the street or ever think of missing a taxi again for a significant appointment or date. You have the option to pay with credit card via the app or after you arrive to your destination. It is safe and secure, plus you receive an e-receipt to expense it. The best part of the app - you can track the taxi from where it’s coming from. You can see the little taxi moving on the map, chugging along, so you can see if there are any traffic problems hindering its progress to you. The newest option is that you can book a taxi via text. Example: TMAGIC (862442) to 4303 Beltline Road 75001. Being a taxi rider for years, Taxi Magic is a Godsend.


3.99, by FlightCaster (webOS smartphones and HP TouchPad)

Flight Predictor HD for TouchPad

You on are your way to the airport in plenty of time to catch your flight, it starts to rain, and the wind picks up. You need to know if your flight is delayed. With Flight Predictor HD, made by our own Greg Stoll, you know about arrivals, departures and delays within minutes of arrival at the airport. There are so many bells and whistles to keep you alert and on your toes. It is among the best apps for travel available on the TouchPad. Simply type in your flight number and start tracking it when you walk out that door. After getting though airport security you can check out the airport map to find your gate, shuttle trains, baggage collection and parking when you arrive in your new city; very convenient.

Simply tap on the drop down list to the left and select when you’d like to get notified under preferences. You can be updated about your flight every five to thirty minutes; or a much as four hours prior to your flights arrival. You have the option to turn on notifications; so while you are playing Angry Birds, the alert is subtle. Or if you like them not so subtle, you can put it on sound and even change the theme from dark to blue. You are able to text or email your flight and hotel information to loved ones to let them know you have arrived safe and sound.  So for the small price of 3.99, Flight Predictor HD can keep track of your flight during the madness of the summer vacation season.


4.99, by Syntactix LLC (webOS Smartphones and TouchPad)

Trip That for the Pre 3

Everyone wants that app that keeps the itinerary of your flights and hotel confirmations on your Palm pre phone. Well by golly, we have the app for you. Trip That is a part of the Trip It family of apps that keeps track your check-ins in real time at the airport and hotels during your holiday excursions. Opening the app, the look and feel reminds us of the retro travel art of the sixties. You can sign up via the web or app. They have made it easy to add trips to the site. Just forward your hotel or airplane confirmations to plans at tripit dot com and the app syncs it through the cloud, so it not only does it arrive when opening the app, but online on the official site. As with the other travel apps already mentioned you get access to maps of the visiting city, email the information to your family and traveling party; nothing new here. But what it does offer is a free trial for the Travel Rewards Points Tracker, which allows you to keep track of your travel miles and rewards. How cool is that? So whether you are traveling for business or pleasure Trip That is a must to have on your Pre.


.99, by Phone Bros (HP TouchPad and webOS Smartphones)

Road Trip Bingo for TouchPad

You are on the plane and you want to keep the decibel of your kid’s voices down to the minimum. The quickest way to do that is to hand over your TouchPad, and turn on Road Trip Bingo HD and let the fun begin. Looking out the window it’s a virtual combination of I-spy, tic-tac-toe and bingo put together.  When you see a cloud, mountain or plane tap on the square. The final squares must be in alignment in either across, vertical or horizontal to win. If carefully planned, it results in a game that keeps your kids occupied, engaged, and calm. If you can get past the fact that the dog looks like a longhorn, its best to make sure your kids can read so they can match correctly. But they’ll probably get a kick out of the bright primary colors, shapes, and sound; plus kids won’t care as long as they have fun.The will giggle with delight when they are congratulated with tiny high fives and high spirited bingo (headphones on) you will wonder how you got on without Road Trip Bingo.


Free, by ondemandworld.com (HPTouchPad)

Where to Go for the TouchPad

Once you have landed and you are in your hotel room, you're wondering where are the hottest and most fun place is to enjoy with you family. Pop open that TouchPad to reveal that answer in Where to Go. It is a gorgeous app that uses the Bing maps technology to help you find restaurants, landmarks, stores, and even government offices with a touch. But be prepared, depending on your internet speed it will take time to load.  But when it does load you will have the tools to find locations that are in your area and fit your budget. Tap on the pin and it save that location as a favorite. Tap on the arrow and it will pop up a Google map of the location and directions. Loaded with goodies like the Tap Tap Tip Calculator, and Diet Science eBook, they come in handy when doling out the proper tip for different services and keeping on track if you’re on a diet or starting one after vacation. Our suggestion is to try Where on your Pre for even more values and information on attractions and events on your area. We encourage you to try Where To Go because takes you where you want to be for free.