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webOS Synergy Google sync safe from Google's ActiveSync shut down

When Google announced last week that they were going to be shutting down support for new synchronization connections via Exchange ActiveSync, we were a little worried. Obviously that meant that webOS users wouldn't be able to add Google accounts via Exchange after the January 2013 shut down deadline, but what about the Google Account log-in option in Synergy, would that continue to function? Since we didn't know what Palm and HP built in to webOS to make the Google syncing magic happen, we had to ask.

It took a little while (Google had no clue what we were talking about, though that's not surprising considering that webOS probably isn't even on their radar anymore), but we've got our answer straight from HP:

"WebOS uses IMAP for accessing Gmail, and both Google Contacts API v2 and Google Calendar API v2 for Contacts and Calendar access. WebOS will not be affected by Google's decision to discontinue ActiveSync support for Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar on new devices."

So, breath easy Gmail-obsessed webOS users (this blogger included) - everything's hunky dory in Synergy land. The APIs utilized by webOS have been deprecated by Google as they've moved on to v3 of both the Google Contacts API and Google Calendar API, though we've seen no indication for Google that they'll be discontinued anytime soon. Then again, Microsoft was apparently caught off guard by Google's decision to kill Exchange support, so you never know...