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In late April Palm alerted developers that a new version of the Software Development Kit (SDK) would be landing in "early May." We guess that May 14th still counts, and sure enough emails are going out now to developers to encourage them to download the "webOS SDK/PDK Beta Release" and test their apps against it.

We also got some deets from an anonymous tipster who lets us know that that this OS could be called webOS 1.4.5 and indeed the major change is that Plug-in Development Kit (PDK) apps are properly 'jailed' so they can't muck up the entire device. In other words, 3D games and the like from independent developers can more easily be added to the Official App Catalog since those babies will properly be put in their corner. Hybrid PDK/SDK apps (the sort of access that DataViz says is necessary for DocsToGo) are still going to be a ways off.

More exciting is that the release should bring PDK apps to the Palm Pixi, which up to now has been left out in the bitter, bitter, non-3D gaming cold.

We're expecting this version of webOS to hit in late May or early June (or as the latest email states it, "Several weeks").

Thanks, anonymous tipsters!