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AdMob traffic report

In the AdMob mobile internet traffic report from the 3rd quarter of 2009, Palm’s two operating systems were lumped together in the “not that significant” category. With 2009 behind us, the last quarter has shown growth in webOS traffic [pdf] (and decline in Palm OS) significant enough that the operating system now gets a color all to itself. While the iPhone still dominates internet traffic reports pretty much everywhere but Africa and Asia (both owned by Symbian), webOS uptake has been significant enough to warrant note in both the North American and Western Europe smartphone OS share breakdowns. Palm even logs a spot in the top worldwide manufacturers list, grabbing a depressing 1.0% of the global share of requests.

What’s more fun, however, is how the Pre itself stacks up against the competition. In North America, Palm’s little smartphone accounted for 2.9% of AdMob ad requests from smartphones in the last quarter of 2009, while in Western Europe the Pre clocked in at 0.9%. While those numbers are low, they are placing the Pre as the #8 smartphone in North America and #7 in Western Europe.

As before, Palm devices account for a large share of the traffic on Sprint’s network, though that share has been halved since the last quarter. Don’t panic, it’s not a defection away from Palm, but more of an explosion of traffic from new smartphones (such as the Samsung Moment) on Sprint’s network that has driven down Palm’s share.

And as always, it is worth noting that AdMob’s mobile advertising business flourished on the iPhone and that their statistics are based entirely upon requests for their ads. While AdMob is indeed the dominate mobile ad distributor, they are geared heavily towards iPhone advertisement and thus their numbers show a substantial skew towards iPhone traffic. That said, their numbers are good for quarter-to-quarter comparisons.

[via: TamsPalm]