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The Internet was abuzz today with the launch of Google Buzz, a new integrated social networking technology for Gmail, Google Maps, and other Google tools. While Buzz is designed for both desktop and mobile users, it appears that for now, Google is not even considering webOS as a Buzz platform, at least according to this chart from Google’s Buzz for Mobile page:  

Unfortunately, whatever technology is behind Buzz is apparently too smart (or requires too many device-specific components) to be fooled by the “iPhone Spoof” tweak in Jason Robitaille’s webOS Quick Install, which makes the Pre’s browser identify itself to Web sites as Safari for iPhone. While the spoof does help make some mobile Web sites show their iPhone versions (and others not), all it does with the Buzz.Google.com site is make it display the chart of supported devices as if it were one; it does not, though, make the Buzz features work on the Pre. However, this could just be early jitters, as @obigeorge seems to have it running on a Pre.

What gives with the Windows Mobile Browser and the BlackBerry Browser, both of which are practically browsers-in-name-only, getitng included in the roadmap while webOS's webkit browser, which shares technologies with both iPhone and Android (which work now) is left out? Inquiring minds want to know.

Thank you to everyone who sent this in today!