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We first reported that HP was planning on brining promo codes to the webOS App Catalog back in November and again in February at Mobile World Congress. The original target date was "early 2011," but that's apparently been pushed back to summer according to an interview Richard Kerris did with webOSroundup. We're definitely pumped for developers to have a chance to promote their apps via promo codes.

While there is no update on the also-promised carrier billing that HP has mentioned, Kerris also let it be known that they're working on an official in-app payment framework for webOS. Another issue that developers might be interested in, that persnickety geo-location issue, is also apparently slated for a fix.

Finally, HP is looking to expand their Developer Sessions, wherein devleopers can actually test their apps on new hardware like the TouchPad, beyond the confines of Sunnyvale and into Paris, Berlin, and perhaps some stateside locations.

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