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When we first saw Exhibition mode for webOS previewed at Developer Day in New York last November, it was primarily a set of slides and not actually running on-device. Well, we've now seen it running on a Pre 3 here at Mobile World Congress and although we suspect that it's not quite ready, we thought y'all might like a glimpse of how it's coming along.

Read on, glanceable information aficionados!

First up, the slide above is from HP's developer presentation and it shows the Facebook Exhibition mode (or at least one slide of it) on a Veer. That code sadly wasn't live on the Pre 3 we handled, but it looks like an improved version of what we saw in November so we suspect that's probably not going to be far from the final product.

On our Pre 3, we were able to launch Exhibition's preferences and poke around. Yes - for now if you don't have a Touchstone handy but absolutely must get at your Exhibition apps, you can launch into Exhibition mode by tapping a button inside the preferences.

In Exhibition Preferences, you can toggle which Exhibition "apps" you'd like to have available to you on the Touchstone and also tap a button to do an automatic search of the App Catalog for other 'apps' that work with Exhibition.

We had the Time, Agenda, and Photo views available to us. As you can see in the gallery below they're pretty simple affairs - and that's a good thing. You switch between the modes via a drop-down menu in the upper left and you can exit Exhibition mode with a cool zoom effect by swiping up from the gesture area.

Update: One more feature coming to webOS 2.1 that we neglected to mention is Touchstone-awareness - your webOS phone can be aware of which Touchstone it's on and display a different Exhibition app for each. That's not a feature we see here yet. And no, we're not sure if that feature will work with current generation Touchstones or no - we'll see what we can find out.