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webOS Exhibition

One of the top tier features for webOS 2.0 is Exhibition - a feature that allows your device to display the app of your choice when it's set down on the Touchstone for charging. Unfortunately, it's not ready yet (it's coming in that OTA update), but we did just get a quick preview at the Palm Developer Day here in New York.

Basically when you set your Pre down on the Touchstone your Exhibition app Zooms in from the distance with a very cool animation. At that point it's just running, displaying whatever information you'd like it to. Palm recommends you don't clutter up your Exhibition mode with multiple screens from your app - keep it simple. Palm also recommends you use a snazzy horizontal scroll-in animation that's almost Windows Phone-eque in how it handles moving text around the screen.

The basic interaction is that you have your app taking up the full screen, hiding the status bar. There is a semi-transparent black bar on the top that displays the time - you can tap or swipe down from the top of the device to switch between different Exhibition modes.  There is also another semi-transparent bar at the bottom for showing notifications. Finally, there will be an Exhibition Preferences App where you can choose your default Exhibition mode and also configure which other modes will be in your drop-down selection list when you're in Exhibition.

Palm showed a simple clock, an Agenda view, and a photo slideshow. There was also the beginnings of a Facebook Exhibition mode, but it doesn't look fully baked yet.

Speaking of not fully baked - Exhibition itself isn't, this was just an early preview. The interface may change a bit before launch, so don't go judging just yet. Now that we've laid down the caveats, head on after the break for the gallery of slides!