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PreCentral Events Guide

Here's a list of upcoming events for the month of September that are both Palm and webOS-community related.  Know of something you'd like to see listed here such as a hackathon or developer meetup that's related to webOS? Sound off in the comments or send us an email!

Bay Area Node.js Meetup

September 14th Sunnyvale, CA

Palm is rolling Node.js, a major JavaScript framework, into the next version of its operating system and they're hosting a meetup at Palm HQ for node.js enthusiasts come hack, network, and learn.

Click here for the event's full details!

Web Directions USA

September 21 - 25 Atlanta, Georgia

Palm has partnered with Web Directions and three incredible co-sponsors to reinvent the traditional webhack program. Sharpen your skills, inspire your peers, test your creativity and enter the Palm® webOS™ challenge. Prizes will be awarded for "best in class" apps, followed by a high octane party.

Click here for the event's full details!


September 25 - 26 Berlin, Germany

Palm's Directors of Developer Relations Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer will present a session on solving device fragmentation and cross platform development in Track A on Sept 25th.  Palm will also sponsor the conference's Saturday night extravaganza at HomeBase Lounge on the evening of the 25th.

 Click here for the event's full details.

Web 2.0 Expo

September 27 - 30 New York, NY

This year, Web 2.0 Expo New York focuses on Platforms for Growth, diving into the platform opportunities for the whole web ecosystem, particularly mobile, real-time, and the social web. We'll be talking about real-time data and the content being generated, how that data is consumed, and the platforms and applications enabling various services. We'll also be concentrating on the players that have spawned their own ecosystems, creating huge opportunities for partners, vendors, and competitors.  

Click here for the event's full details.