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Details have finally arrived about the HP Developer Events that some HP employees had mentioned recently, and now we can give you the update as well. On March 30th at 6:00 PM, HP is kicking off the webOS CONNECT Developer Event Series in London, England. Richard Kerris is expected to be the key speaker at the Bar Music Hall, as well as others from the webOS community. Oh, and we can't forget to mention that there will be food and drinks to get into as well.

When we first got the notice about webOS CONNECT, we were a little curious about the title of the event series since it was obviously different from the "webOS Ignite!" that we were introduced to last week. But on second look it just seems that HP had to finalize some details on what they were going to call everything, and the webOS CONNECT events are the same that we had told you about before (the webOS Ignite! website redirects to webOS CONNECT, and shares the same cute mascots too) - perhpas the fact that O'Reilly has a well-established TED-alike conference called "Ignite" had something to do with it.

So if you're from Europe and are interested in checking out one of the events that your American friends have been bragging about in person, go to the registration site and get yourself setup while space is available. Registration might be free, but don't think the event will be without value. If history proves to repeat itself, then we bet these events that are coming to Europe (and eventually the US and abroad - we hope) will be pretty fine indeed.