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In yet another example of the power and versatility of the Pre and webOS, a user has managed to dual boot SHR and webOS similar to the way a Mac user might dual boot OS X and Windows. SHR is an open source Linux base smartphone OS that was originally developed for Openmoko phones but there areinstructions for porting it to several other phones, including detailed instructions on how to install it to your Pre. There are even apps and developer tools available, although it has not been officially released yet and the current versions are unstable and for testing purposes only.

The video after the break shows the Pre loading up to a screen that gives the user a choice of booting into either of the two operating systems. Though most of the 4 and a half minute long video is just watching the Pre boot up, it is proof of the concept, clearly showing that both SHR and webOS boot on the same device. Interestingly enough, SHR boots much faster than webOS.

Dualbooting WebOS and SHR on a Palm Pre from Lukas Märdian on Vimeo.