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CFI Group consulting firm recently released a new report detailing customer satisfaction in the smartphone sector, ranking the iPhone at the top with Android and webOS-running Pre a close second. The survey of 1074 smartphone users and rated their satisfaction with their phones on a scale of 0 to 100. On that scale the iPhone scored an 83, while the Pre and Android tied for second with a score of 77. Research in Motion’s BlackBerry line rated with an aggregate 73, while old Palm OS Treo phones scored a solid 70, still topping Windows Mobile and Symbian satisfaction at 66. CFI says that a score above 80 is very good, while marks below 70 are considered “a cause for concern.”

What we want to look at is how CFI addressed Palm. For being the up-and-coming single-phone platform that it is (for now), webOS and the Pre scored surprisingly well. CFI said that the biggest drag on Palm’s score is the current dearth of apps in comparison to any other platform. Once Palm gets the app situation in order, the Pre will be “even more competitive,” which is would be a good thing considering the number of interesting and innovative Android devices around the corner. We have to agree with CFI; right now the biggest complaint with the Pre is the lack of apps. Hopefully that will be remedied soon, now that the App Catalog is ready to rock with paid applications.

CFI also looked at what consumers thought of the phone they had, with 92% of iPhone users calling their device “the ideal smartphone,” a sentiment that only 58% of Android users and 56% of Pre users shared (again, apps will help the Pre immensely). Bad news lurks here for other platforms, with 49% of BlackBerry users thinking their platform is the best, and only 19% of Windows Mobile and Symbian users and a measly 16% of Palm OS users thinking the same.

We all know somebody that has switched to AT&T to get the iPhone, and chances are that person loves their iPhone (as the figures above would indicate), but CFI found that they probably hate AT&T at the same time. Only half of iPhone users consider AT&T to be the ideal carrier, and 40% of iPhone users switched to AT&T from another network just to get the iPhone. Those on AT&T before getting the iPhone rated a 72 on the satisfaction scale, while iPhone switchers gave their new network a score of just 64. Maybe that’s because a 30% dropped call rate is considered acceptable on AT&T.

And just in case it wasn’t clear that Android and the Pre haven’t been the runaway success that the iPhone has been, only 12% of surveyed Android users switched to T-Mobile to get their phone, while just 9% of Pre owners switched to Sprint for the phone.

[via: Twice]