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Fire up System Updates, TouchPad owners, because there’s an update to webOS waiting for you. webOS 3.0.4 77 is now available, weighing in at 53MB. Aside from the typical faster/stronger/better improvements, webOS 3.0.4 also includes improvements to the App Catalog that make it “easier to find great TouchPad apps” and a new camera app to let you use that 1.3MP front-facing camera for more than just Skype. We’re downloading now and will let you know if we discover anything else.

HP webOS 3.0.4 makes TouchPad snappier, includes a new camera app, makes it easier to find great TouchPad apps in the App Catalog, and a number of other improvements.

Update: According to webOS chief Ari Jaaksi's blog, webOS 3.0.4 also makes "connectivity with non-HP phones possible" and includes improved messaging, UI touch-ups, and enhancements to Enyo. WebKit, and V8 (the webOS JavaScript rendering engine). Amusing that the info's up on Jaaksi's blog before it's on the official website.