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We were beginning to think this day would never again come: a webOS phone has received a webOS update from HP. It's the Palm Pre 2 that's getting some love, at least in a limited fashion, with an update to webOS 2.2.4. The new version of webOS brings syncing improvements for Calendar and Contacts and some other small feature enhancements. Oh, and it also brings Skype support and support for Bluetooth MAP.

Skype support is nothing new to owners of an HP Pre3 or Verizon Pre 2, but until now we were left wondering when (or even if) other webOS devices would be getting access to the service. You can check out our Verizon Pre 2 review for a look at how you can expect Skype to work on other devices (quick overview: you log-in and can make calls and send messages via Skype).

Bluetooth MAP is another story, and it's something we've only seen on the Pre3. It's nothing to do with location services, it's the Messaging Application Protocol, essentially the standard that allows the Pre3 to share text messaging with the TouchPad over Bluetooth. The TouchPad itself was updated a few months back with 3.0.4 to enable it to act as a Bluetooth speakerphone to any handset, and now with Pre 2 phones running webOS 2.2.4, it can also share text messages.

You'll notice that caveat: "Pre 2 phones running webOS 2.2.4." That's because this release seems to be of limited nature, at least to start. For the looks of things, it seems to only be available to unlocked European GSM Pre 2 devices, with the unlocked US GSM and Verizon Pre 2 phones currently left out of the mix. Also out of the mix will be anybody who made a Sprint Pre 2, though you should have known that would happen before performing smartphone grafting surgery. Also, the usual note about themes, kernels, patches, and Doctors not being available yet still stands. They'll hit eventually, but in the meantime just hold tight.