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Got a Pre3 and really find yourself wanting webOS 2.2.4? Tired of your selected Pre 2-owning friends having a handful of minor bug fixes to hang over your head? Well lament no longer, so long as you're willing to undergo the webOS Doctor process. That's right, webOS 2.2.4 is now available for the Pre3 (we've checked with both an unlocked Euro Pre3 and AT&T Pre3).

What's exactly is in store for a Pre3 running webOS 2.2.4? Compared to the webOS 2.2.0 they're running now, not much, at least that we're aware of. For the Pre 2, 2.2.4 added Bluetooth messaging support and Skype voice calling, both major features already present in webOS 2.2.0 on the Pre3. Considering it's an X.X.4 version update, we wouldn't expect much more than a handful of bug fixes.

It's worth noting that this has only been released as a Doctor, which while not erasing the contents of your USB partition, does require redownloading all of your apps and manually restoring your settings (though Save/Restore will go a way towards alleviating that concern). It's a process that's nowhere near as smooth as a handy over-the-air update. But if the Doctor's here, the update might not be that far behind (though usually this happens in the reverse order).

Ready to download and Doctor? Here you go (both are a 225MB download):

AT&T Pre3: http://palm.cdnetworks.net/rom/manta/p224r0d12192011/wdmantaatt/webosdoctorp224mantaatt.jar

Euro Pre3: http://palm.cdnetworks.net/rom/manta/p224r0d12192011/wdmantawr/webosdoctorp224mantawr.jar