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HP just let us know that they've finally lifted the Non-Disclosure Agreement from the webOS 2.1 SDK and made it available for anyone and everyone to download. It will allow developers to dig into Synergy, Exhbition mode (please!), and plenty more.

We've been anxiously awaiting the public release of the webOS 2 SDK ever since HP started shipping webOS 2 devices - last October. We heard earlier this week from HP's Richard Kerris that it would be released this week and, sure enough, 'tis here.

In the post announcing the SDK, HP also noted that developers should be thinking about making sure their app is fully Pixi-compatible, as the HP Veer is "just around the corner." 

Of course, the SDK for webOS 3.0 - full of Enyo and Tablet-y goodness, is still understandly under NDA. Developers can sign up for the Early Access Program to get a peek, if they like. HP promises that the webOS 3.0 SDK is coming "very soon."