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Worry not, marathon texters and motor mouths, all that thumb work you did compiling 500 text messages in one day and the ten friends you called in ten minutes will not be lost again. At least for those of you already running the webOS 2.1 update, Backup now backs up your call and text history.

Per the 2.1 change log:

Information backed up to your Palm profile now includes call history entries, text messages, and instant messages. Note that multimedia messages are not backed up.

Even if you are on a 2.1 device, it is still a good idea to save any important messages to somewhere else. Copy and paste the text into Evernote, Notes, or other such cloud synced note system. It will be a lot easier to find your buddy’s embarrassing drunk text or that new girl’s phone number by searching with keywords rather than skimming through countless messages on your device.

If you’re still on a 1.4.5 device, you can have your texts and calls backed up online if you strictly use your Google Voice number and Voogle. That of course is not always practical, and neither is hacking 2.1 onto your non-German Pre or Pre Plus. So unless you can find a third party solution, for now you will just have to have a good memory. Or you could look at the glass as half full and consider it a bonus to cheating housewives and teens sneaking out of the house since they can still erase their entire incriminating history in one fell swoop.