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That webOS update checker that HP put up just to taunt us has revealed an interesting trend: owners of Palm Pre Plus phones in Europe are reporting that they’re getting the following result:

Palm is working with SFR to provide a software update for your device.

Please return to palm.com/webos-info in the coming weeks to find out more.

Interesting, huh? That result has appeared only for the Pre Plus (the Pre and Pixi Plus are apparently SOL), and has done so for the phone on SFR, O2 UK, and O2 Germany, as well as in unlocked form. Considering that Jon Rubinstein threw cold water on that whole “maybe we’ll do the webOS 2.0 upgrade” idea, we wouldn’t quite take this to mean that webOS 2 is coming to existing devices older than the PRe 2 in Europe. From what we can tell, these plans have been in flux and this page has been in existence for some time now. In other words, it's probably best not to get your hopes up too much and instead just wait to see what comes of HP's promise to “make things right.”