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Among the many revolutionary features in webOS 1.0 was Palm Synergy, the ability to pull in contact lists and address books from multiple sources (e.g. Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, AOL, etc), merge similar records together for the same person, and then display them in a single cleaned-up list on your phone. While there is fairly complex methodology behind the scenes on how these linkages are done, it doesn't always work the way you would like it to. The good news was that Palm allowed for a way to manual link records together. The bad news was that those linkages were not saved to your Palm Profile, meaning that any manual links did not survive a device swap or a webOS Doctor and you were forced to first try and remember what manual links you made, and then you needed to perform those linkages all over again.

Fast forward to Synergy in webOS 2.0: Palm Synergy is now called HP Synergy. Additional APIs will be available for third-party developers to offer more sync sources to contacts, messaging, and calendar. And according to a recently updated Palm Support page titled "Using Backup", a new section for webOS 2.0 now states that "Linking relationships between contacts" will now be backed up!

Reviewing the rest of the updates did not reveal any other major changes to how the Palm Backup will work in webOS 2.0, and sadly it still clearly states that "There is no online data source or other location from which to view the Palm profile contacts, calendar, tasks, memos, or other items that are backed up to the Palm server". However, here's hoping that there are more enhancements hidden inside webOS 2.0 for us to find.

Source: Palm Support