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@palm and PreCentral reader dantex both let us know that Palm webOS devices on Telcel's network in Mexico can now get webOS 1.4.  In just under a week Palm has managed to release webOS 1.4 for all devices on all networks - a significant feat given all the complications of carrier testing and given that there are technically five different webOS hardware types out there (CDMA Pre, CDMA Pre Plus, CDMA Pixi, CDMA Pixi Plus, GSM Pre). Palm has also released the webOS 1.4 SDK and the webOS doctor for 1.4 in the same span.

The wait is now on for the next revision of webOS - many are hoping for a small 'point' upgrade to fix some bugs that appear to have cropped up in 1.4 - including phone freezes, bluetooth compatibility (especially with cars), email bugs (setup screen popping up), Luna crashes, mysterious battery drain, volume pop-ups, and more. Yeah, that's a long list of bugs and it's tough to say which are universal and which are per-user flukes - but our official webOS 1.4 issues thread is up to 83 pages and we've gotten emails aplenty on the above, so we're sure some of them are real.

So kudos to Palm for getting 1.4 through all the carriers, now let's kill some bugs.