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Oh, daylight savings time changes.  You wreak havok on our sleep schedules and evidently, our phones. A number of users (this blogger included) have been experiencing odd behavior from their phones with today's time change.

One bug users are noticing is that the time displayed in the top bar is different than that of what's shown on the lock screen and in the clock app.  The issue doesn't appear to be affecting the  functionality of the core PIM apps, as calendar entries and emails are all showing the correct time stamp.  The other issue being reported is less benign, and users in this forum thread are finding that calendar entries are shifting a full hour ahead of the actual time - a major inconvenience to be sure.  

Toggling airplane mode or performing a reset has been found to remedy the issue in both cases for some, though the issues have persisted for most of those who have been experiencing them. 

So while we get to the bottom of what might be causing this, let us know in the comments: have you experienced any DST bugs today?

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!