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Weather app round up
by Nathan Mylott on Saturday, Nov 13, 2010

In what is a sea of weather apps on webOS, Tasty Weather Toons is the beautiful mermaid enchantress. It displays the temperature and conditions right on your home screen for the easiest of at a glance information, along with a hand drawn gorgeous pin up girl tailor made to suit the current conditions.

The wallpapers change at set intervals throughout the day, updating the weather info and changing the pin up girl to match the time of day and conditions. If it is night time and cloudy for instance, the pin up girl will be surrounded by clouds and standing in front of the moon. There is a different girl assigned to each condition so you see something fresh at least a couple times a day. How up to date the weather information is and how often you see a change is up to you. You can set the update intervals anywhere from every 30 minutes to every 6 hours.

Currently there are 40 images and the developer is working on doubling that number. There are also plans for special images based on the holiday or other special sets. New images can be pushed to your device any time it updates the wallpaper, without you having to do a software update so you never know what you may see on your screen.

While anyone can throw together some swimsuit models or pull rainstorm images from Flickr, Tasty Weather Toons does it with class. All the images are hand drawn by an artist at Sinacism Graphics, Joshua Browder.

Browder painstakingly created all of the images on paper, in Illustrator and in Photoshop. They were all drawn by hand on paper first, then with a pen tablet in Illustrator, and finally hand painted in Photoshop. His work continues still and he does not plan on stopping. Appreciating his artwork really does make me enjoy the wallpapers much more than any photo of a model, and even makes me want to show off how cool my screen looks.

It would be nice if with the weather info, you could see something else like your next calendar event, an RSS feed, or simple reminder. You could create your own with Stickyman but it would not mesh with the aesthetic style of the Tasty Toon.

There is no shortage of wallpaper switcher apps in the App Catalog like Switcharoo, or wallpaper apps that include images of scantily clad hot women like MobPaper or Fantastic Wallpapers, or many others. There are also apps to put informative text on your wallpaper along with those changing wallpapers, such as Weatherman, Weather Window or the WordPegs apps. But none of them do it with quite the elegance, or sheer fun as Tasty Weather Toons.

One of the great memories in my life with cell phones is the first time I saw a color screen. I was ecstatic when I finally got a color screen phone of my own because it meant that finally I could have real pictures of swimsuit models taking over the data storage on my phone the way it had conquered my computer hard drive. This app allows me to do that and still have some added utility and cultural value. Get it in the official App Catalog for $2.99.

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