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lemmings on pre  

Aaron Ardiri is in the process of porting Lemmings (one of our favorite games of all time) to webOS. He's liveblogging the whole experience over at mobile1up.com and he looks to have a playable demo in less than 24 hours as of this writing. The port is an "as-is" port from the PalmOS version to both iPhone and the Palm Pre and Ardiri intends to release it to the App Catalog for free in time for the PDK Hot Apps program.

It's an impressive project and we're pretty darn excited about it - you can see that it's possible to work on an iPhone and webOS version of the same app at the same time without a huge additional effort. Palm has built the PDK from the ground-up to make it easy to port existing iPhone apps over, but it's also great to know that developing a game for multiple platforms is just as easy.

Source: Lemmings Blog at mobile1up via PreCentral forums, @teckiegirl, ZDNet, & webosroundup