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Have ever noticed that a picture or video message arrives on your phone and you see the preview of the text in both the dashboard notification and the top level "conversation" screen of your Messaging app, but when you open up the message, there is no text to be found? This occurs because certain phones send out the message text as the "subject" of the message, instead of the "body" of the message. Unfortunately, in webOS 1.x, the subject line is mysteriously absent from your messaging conversation. While this has been fixed in webOS 2.0, it's still an issue for the majority of webOS users.

Luckily, there is a very simple way to get access to the entire text of the message. Just tap on the message to display the message options pop-up menu and tap "Forward". The MMS message will appear in a new text message window with all of the text that was written within the original message. Once you read the message, just swipe back to return to the original messaging conversation.

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