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When the Palm Pre 2 finally launched on Verizon, we were sorely disappointed when we found out it ran webOS 2.0.1 instead of the not-quite-so-buggy and Exhibition-packing webOS 2.1. After all, 2.1 had been released a few weeks prior to unlocked Pre 2 phones, and even hacked and Metadoctored onto lesser hardware. But the longed-for software update appeared to be out-of-sight on Verizon.

Until now, that is. Our good friend, the anonymous tipster, has let us know that his Verizon Pre 2 recently received an update to webOS 2.1.0 as part of a Verizon testing program. Yes, Pre 2 owners on Big Red, there is hope on the horizon, and it looks like your agenda getting passively displayed while your phone sits on a Touchstone.

Thanks anonymous!