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  The fading webOS family

If you were in the market for a Verizon Pre Plus, you might want to start a desperate search, because it seems that the device has all but fell down the online retail memory hole. Both it and the Verizon Pixi Plus no longer show up in the HP Wireless Central store. The Verizon Pre Plus is also no longer available from Amazon.com, and has disappeared from Verizon’s own online store (the Pixi Plus is still available at both). This follows the recent EOL'ing of the Sprint Pre.

We wouldn’t fret, however, as we know there’s a replacement coming. It’s called the Palm Pre 2, and it’s due out sometime in “the coming months” - though, really, shouldn't it have appeared by now

If Verizon’s managed to run down their Pre Plus inventory to the point that it’s no longer available, perhaps its glass-screened gigahertz processor brother isn’t far behind to take the Verizon webOS throne (assuming it hasn't gotten lost).

Source: HP Wireless Central, Amazon, Verizon; Thanks to kepaloa and Brian for the tips!