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If you were surprised yesterday when the AT&T Pre 3 received an OTA update to webOS 2.2.3, what do you call your feelings for today's news? HP has followed up with the update for the AT&T Pre 3 with a new version built specifically for the Verizon version of the same device (one that we haven't heard very much about). 

As the AT&T Pre 3 received an OTA update yesterday shortly after the webOS Doctor was released, we're going to say it's safe to assume an OTA update is right around the corner for the Verizon Pre 3, and we hope that means other carrier-released models will get that same OTA sometime soon as well. This new version of webOS doesn't bring any added features to the webOS 2.x experience that we know of, but bug fixes are always nice to get. Especially since neither HP, AT&T or Verizon will be honoring any warranties that would normally come with the smartphone.

Get the webOS 2.2.3 Doctor for Verizon Pre 3 through the WebOS Internals Wiki right now, or just wait to see if an OTA update comes through soon. Our next question is, how many Verizon Pre 3 owners does it take for HP to release a minor OTA update like this one?