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It’s pretty difficult to find on Verizon Wireless’ website (we ended up locating it under New Products), but the Palm Pre 2 is in fact now available from Big Red. The now and current flagship webOS phone (at least until the HP Pre 3 arrives sometime this summer) is available from Verizon for $149.99 on a new contract, and that includes a $50 mail-in rebate. Turns out that Verizon has banished mail-in rebates only for phones priced $150 and higher (unless you order online, which is apparently a mail-in-free zone). Lame, we know. Also in the category of lame: Verizon is selling the phone for $50 more than HP. If you're looking for off-contract pricing, that'll be a very reasonable $409.99.

On the side of better news, however, we can now confirm that Verizon is still offering free 3G Mobile Hotspot with their Palm devices. Hotspotting is mentioned as a “key feature” for the phone, but the ordering process for the Pre 2 doesn’t offer mobile hotspot as an option. Our conversations with multiple sales reps (just to make sure) have revealed that Verizon is still providing the 2GB service for free, presumably so they can still have some hope of pushing these phones out the door.

Update: It seems Verizon's sales reps have changed their tune since this morning. There was a distinct lack of training for sales reps ahead of this launch, so there's still a lot of confusion left over from this morning when the Pre 2 was still fresh in our eager little heads. So here's the story, and it's not exciting: Verizon is not offering free Mobile Hotspot service with the Palm Pre 2. If you want it, you'll have to pay $20 a month for 2GB, even if you already have it free with the Pre Plus. We've heard from several readers that have attempted to upgrade to the Verizon Pre 2 and been met with that option. If you try to order online you don't get the option of adding Mobile Hotspot to your plan. 'Tis what we in the business call a mess. You might call it a debacle, or a disaster, but we'd say that's probably taking it too far.

That said, we're still getting conflicting messages from Verizon's always cheerful sales reps. Seriously, Verizon, get your house in order here. Sorry folks, we know you don't like it when Mommy and Daddy fight like this.