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If you’re interested in getting the smallest smartphone ever, then the HP Veer might be the phone for you. There’s just one catch: we have no pricing, release date (apart from the approaching “late spring”), or carrier deals. Never fear, for excitable British resellers will jot your name down on a list for a Veer pre-order, though hopefully at the prices they’re asking they won’t be charging your card until we’re much closer to release.

The Veer has appeared on two UK websites for pre-order. An unlocked version of the diminutive handset can be pre-orderd through KingOfGadgets.co.uk for a not so diminutive £499 (that’s US$808 (!)), or from SuperETrader.co.uk for a little-less-shocking-but-still-painful £399 (US$646). If you're in the market for an HP Pre 3 or TouchPad, KingOfGadgets will take your name for those as well, to the tune of £499 for the Pre 3 and £699 (US$1131 (!!)) for the TouchPad.

Regardless, we're going to say that these prices are all merely placeholders and not neccesarily final pricing (especially for the TouchPad). These are just waiting list listings for while we wonder what exactly HP is going to charge for the little Veer, bigger Pre 3, and big TouchPad. And, you know, when they'll finally hit the market.