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While the image above is just the result of our tinkering around in Photoshop, we can't help but wonder what a Pre 3 or TouchPad in white might look like. When HP announced the Veer, Pre 3, and TouchPad at Think Beyond, all we saw and all they talked about was black. Black has been the color of webOS (excepting some special Palm Pixi backs). And then the Veer came to us in white.

So we guess the question we have to ask is this: what about the Pre 3 and TouchPad? We've seen some fan renders of the two upcoming webOS devices in white, and having seen the Veer in white we can imagine how attractive these other devices in white might be. We've seen how much publicity a white phone can generate (okay, it was the iPhone 4, and a sore point for Apple, and thus covered ad nauseum because we could), so we're going to ask you, would you want a TouchPad or Pre 3 in white?

Inspiration: mbiebusch